Food prices in Russia and their change for the year, according to data for September 2021

Published Oct 30, 2021

Tridge summary

Food prices in Russia in September 2021, compared to September 2020, show a significant increase. AB-Center analyzed the dynamics of 121 products, of which a decrease is observed only in 4 products. At the same time, an increase in food prices of over 25% is noted for 10 products, over 10% for 51 products.

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Note that inflation in the country for the year (if we compare September 2020 and September 2021), according to the inflation calculator on the website inflation rate.rf, was 7.33%. The rise in prices above the inflation rate is demonstrated by 80 goods out of 121. Leaders in the growth of food prices To a greater extent, the increase in prices for the year, according to AB-Center calculations, affected such food products as: cabbage (+ 88.9%), potatoes (+ 55.7%), lemons (+ 38.3%), beetroot ( + 35.0%), carrots (+ 34.7%), salmon caviar (+ 32.4%) and onions (+ 32.0%). Foods showing price increases of over 10% In addition to the goods of the first group, a significant increase in prices (by 10% and more) in AB-Center is noted for mayonnaise, nuts, granulated sugar, sunflower oil, chilled and frozen chickens, fresh tomatoes, dried fruits, margarine, beef liver, fresh cucumbers, chicken eggs, garlic, buckwheat-kernels, canned fish natural and with the addition of oil, chicken legs, ...
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