Mercosur: For the second week, the price of the Paraguayan steer continues at USD 3.15

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Published Apr 18, 2024

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This week's cattle market saw mixed movements across different countries, with local cattle prices holding steady at USD 3.15, indicating a stable but stagnant market. Argentina experienced a slight decline in steer prices to USD 3.75 due to minor financial fluctuations, while Brazil saw a decrease to USD 3.03, impacted by domestic price hikes and a significant currency devaluation. Conversely, Uruguay's cattle prices rose to USD 3.69, reflecting a stronger market. These variations underscore the diverse effects of financial and market dynamics on cattle prices globally.
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This week the price of local cattle remains unchanged, remaining at USD 3.15. The consultant explains that “the business climate is not helping and the industry is pushing down.” In Argentina the price of the steer was quoted at USD 3.75, a drop of four cents compared to the previous week. Without changes in the offers of refrigerators in pesos, a small advance in financial dollars caused this fall. For its part, Brazil registered drops of two cents on the dollar in seven days (USD 3.03). Despite the increase in the domestic price, the devaluation of the week, greater than 2%, neutralized ...
Source: Productivacm
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