France warns of cut off the energy supply to British islands over fishing dispute

United Kingdom
Published Oct 7, 2021

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France has warned that it will cut off energy supplies to British islands unless a fishing dispute with the UK is resolved. The Anglo-French conflict that has escalated as the UK and the US agreed to provide nuclear submarine technology to Australia.

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US Secretary of State Tony Blincoln delivers a speech at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) event in Paris on the 5th. Blincoln, who spent his teenage years in France, is expected to play a role in restoring relations between the United States and France, which have recently been strained over the US and Britain's supply of nuclear submarine technology to Australia. Paris/AP Yonhap News (AFP) News Agency (AFP) reported that France's European Union Minister Clement Vaughn had warned on the 5th that Britain could cut off energy supplies to the Channel Islands in the Strait if Britain does not change its attitude on the issue of fishing rights in the English Channel. The Channel Islands, which are made up of Guernsey and Jersey, which are close to France, are a British royal family and depend on the French for electricity supply. The dispute over the fishing rights between the two countries arose during the process of Britain's withdrawal from ...
Source: Hani
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