Freight rates for transportation from Ukrainian ports have stabilized

Published May 24, 2024

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The article highlights the stabilization of freight rates in the panamax segment of water transport, crediting a decrease in the supply of free vessels. However, a lack of demand has led to a drop in tariffs in the handysizes and barge segments. Specifically, barge freight to Romania, Bulgaria, and Odesa have seen decreases. As of May 22, river transportation rates were varied depending on the destination.
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The decrease in the supply of free vessels in the panamax segment contributed to the stabilization of freight rates for water transport when transporting products from Ukrainian ports. Spike Brokers reported this on May 22 in its Telegram channel. “Panamax freight rates to southern China, southern Vietnam and Bangladesh remain stable. Also, the freight for coasters from the Danube ports to Marmara (Turkey), eastern Greece, the eastern Mediterranean and Israel remained unchanged," experts note. In the segment of handysizes and barges, due to a constant lack of demand, there is a decrease in tariffs. Barge freight to Constanta (Romania) decreased by EUR 0.5. Similar negative dynamics are observed for barges to Ruse and Silistra (Bulgaria). In the segment of handy sizes, transportation costs from the ports of Odesa to the eastern Mediterranean, Spain and the east coast of Italy decreased by another $1. According to experts, the market rates of river transportation as of May 22 were ...
Source: Agravery
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