French farmers boo Macron at sector fair in Paris

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Published Feb 25, 2024

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French President Emmanuel Macron faced backlash from farmers at the Paris Agricultural Fair, who have been protesting for months over perceived lack of support. In response, Macron pledged to set minimum prices for each product to ensure farmers' income, announced a financial relief plan for struggling farms, and indicated a future meeting to devise a plan for the future of agriculture.
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PARIS (AP) — French President Emmanuel Macron was greeted with boos and whistles Saturday at the opening of the Paris Agricultural Fair by angry farmers who blame him for not doing enough to support them. Before the official inauguration, dozens of protesters forced their way through security barriers and entered the venue as the president arrived. Farmers have been protesting across France for months to demand better living conditions, simpler regulations and better protection against foreign competition they consider unfair. Police in riot gear were deployed at the agricultural fair to prevent them from approaching Macron, who had a planned meeting with the heads of France's main farmers' unions. Meanwhile, protesters chanted slogans calling for Macron to “resign” and blew whistles to show their anger. “We will not be able to respond to the agricultural crisis in a few hours,” declared Macron. "It has taken months, years of work for those who came here to present their ...
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