French farmers start 'dung riots'

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Published Nov 29, 2023

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Farmers in several French cities staged protests, known as "dung riots," as a continuation of last year's demonstrations in response to rising fuel and animal feed prices. This time, the farmers used more aggressive tactics, such as throwing manure and barricading bank entrances. However, law enforcement did not detain any protesters, and the farmers returned to work afterwards. In addition to these actions, French farmers are also seeking government support to reduce taxes and find alternative energy sources.
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This time, farmers took more stringent measures to express their discontent. Another 10 billion will be allocated to provide preferential loans to farmers In particular, as the newspaper Le Dauphine libere writes, agricultural producers from the city of Privas (Ardèche department) took part in one of the actions. They combined a new type of riot with a “tractor march.” The farmers drove up to the buildings of several banks, barricaded the entrances to them with the help of equipment and began throwing out chestnuts and manure. In total, about 100 people took part in the event. According to other sources, in Toulouse, farmers doused the city administration building with liquid manure and dumped a bale of hay with garbage from straw, manure and liquid cow pats in front of the entrance. They then placed car tires at the site and set them on fire, which is a common practice in other countries. Similar actions have also been reported in other cities in the south of the country. Oddly ...
Source: Rosng
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