Peru: Fresh avocado exports increased 35% in volume and 46% in value during the first quarter of 2024

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Published Apr 23, 2024

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In the first quarter of the year, Peruvian avocado exports experienced a notable increase, with a total of 105,034 tons exported, valued at $233 million. This represents a 35% increase in volume and a 46% increase in value compared to the same period last year. The average price for Peruvian avocados in the international market reached $2.22 per kilogram, an 8% increase from the previous year. The primary markets for these exports were the Netherlands (39%), Spain (22%), and China (15%), with significant contributions from exporters such as Añay Peruvian Fruits S.A.C., Westfalia Fruit Perú S.A.C., and Marand Company S.A.C. This growth is evident in both the volume and value of exports to these leading destinations.
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In the first quarter of the year, exports of fresh Peruvian avocado experienced an increase, with a higher average price. Peru exported 105,034 tons worth $233 million, representing an increase of 35% in volume and 46% in value compared to 2023, according to FreshFruit. In this period, the price at which the Peruvian avocado was quoted in the international market was $2.22 per kilogram, 8% higher than last year. Of the 29 destinations to which the avocado arrived in these months, the main ones were once again the Netherlands, with 39% participation; followed by Spain, with 22%; and China, with 15%. To the Netherlands, shipments totaled 41,172 tons worth $92 million. Compared to 2023, this was 35% more in volume and 48% more in value. The average price was 10% higher, reaching $2.23 per kilogram. The Peruvian exporters that stood out the most in this market were Añay Peruvian Fruits S.A.C., with 9% participation; and Westfalia Fruit Perú S.A.C., with 8%. Regarding the Spanish ...
Source: AgroPeru
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