Frozen raspberries from Ukraine; there are many ways to limit imports to Poland

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Published Dec 2, 2023

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The import of frozen raspberries from Ukraine was discussed at a conference, with participants highlighting its negative impact on the domestic raspberry market and prices. The president of the Association of Lublin Raspberry Producers stated that they had attempted to limit imports before, but were unsuccessful. Economists have shown that the import of frozen raspberries from Ukraine exceeded 10% of Polish production, making a significant negative impact on prices.
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– You know perfectly well that this price sine wave has always been the case for raspberries. But years ago there was not such a large inflow of raw material from Ukraine. I think that the main reason for the price collapse was the inflow of cheap frozen foods from Ukraine - said Sławomir Brzusek, a grower from the Kraśnik Basin. Sebastian Huber, president of the Association of Lublin Raspberry Producers, also commented on the issue. – We acted on the issue of limiting imports before our association was formally established. The September 15 ban on cereals was very close, but unfortunately it failed. – the grower informed. What scale are we talking about? Polish production of frozen raspberries ranges from 50 to 60 thousand tons, depending on the season. Throughout 2022, 24,000 tons of frozen raspberries were imported to Poland from Ukraine. And from the beginning of 2023 to the end of September, 19.3 thousand tons. – Economists have proven that in order to influence prices, you ...
Source: Sad24
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