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Italy: Fruit and vegetable exports, in the first half of the year in sharp decline

Export ortofrutta, primo semestre in netto calo
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Sep 20, 2022
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The balance of Italian fruit and vegetable exports is in deep red. According to the elaboration of Fruitimprese on Istat data, the first half of the year marks a -3.8% in value and -6.8% in quantity, data in strong contrast to the record year 2021, when exports recorded a value of more than 5.2 billion euros (+ 8.3% on 2020) and a trade balance of over 1 billion euros.The negative results are mainly fresh fruit (-7.68%) and citrus fruits (-15.2%). Among the products in free fall - as Fruitimprese points out - there are pears (-60.5%) while apples and kiwis are confirmed as the most exported products with about 500 million euros for apples and 283.5 million euros for kiwis. Imports, on the other hand, grow with almost all double-digit increases in value: citrus fruits (+ 38.6%), legumes-vegetables (+ 32.8%), fresh fruit (+ 9.5%), dried fruit (+ 25%) ). The most imported products are bananas, pineapples and avocados while tomatoes become the second most imported product (after ...
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