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Genetically modified crops are promising for development in Kenya and Bangladesh

Cây trồng biến đổi gen nhiều triển vọng phát triển ở Kenya và Bangladesh
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Jul 20, 2020
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A ton of Bt cotton seed (genetically modified cotton) was recently distributed by the Kenya Ministry of Agriculture in early April 2020, for planting in 10,000-hectare demonstration areas. The agency also organizes awareness raising activities on genetically modified cotton varieties for Kenyan farmers. The genetically modified cotton is the first genetically modified crop allowed to be grown in the country.
Mr. Darlington Mutetwa, an expert from Mahyco Seeds (distributor of genetically modified cotton seeds in Kenya), shared "We have 720 demonstration areas in Kisumu, Baringo and Kwale seeds for pilot planting and allow Farmers experience GM crops. With this success, we hope to increase the Bt cotton cultivation area to 20,000 hectares next year. " Meanwhile, transgenic cassava is also awaiting licensing from authorities to become the first genetically modified food crop to be produced in Kenya. The genetically modified cassava variety, believed to be resistant to brown streak disease in cassava (CBSD) was developed through the Virus-Resistant Cassava Project for Africa (VIRCA plus). This project is a collaboration between researchers from Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria and the United States. Professor Douglas Miano, the lead researcher of VIRCA plus project in Kenya, said that cassava is mainly affected by two dangerous diseases: cassava leaves mosaic which affects the leaves, leading to a ...
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