Netherlands: German iceberg lettuce and endive season is coming to an end

Published Nov 22, 2022

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In the case of iceberg lettuces, Spanish goods obviously predominant. Local products only had so much significance in Munich, and they had disappeared from the assortment everywhere else. At the beginning, Dutch products were still available in Cologne, and by the end of the week, the first Italian products appeared in Berlin. However, neither source played a major role overall, according to the latest BLE market report. In general, business was slow.

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Price corrections were the exception, as demand was covered sufficiently. Only in Cologne did traders take advantage of the temporary monopoly position of Spanish lots with slight price increases. In Frankfurt, meanwhile, prices fell somewhat as sales were not as good as expected. Lettuce: First arrivals from ItalyRegarding lettuce, Belgian goods outweighed domestic ones. Additionally, the first Italian deliveries arrived in Munich, opening the season. These found customers relatively quickly because they were cheaper than those of the competition. If the quality of the goods was convincing, previous prices remained overall. Belgian products were cheaper in Frankfurt, which is why they generated more attention. There were red German lettuces there as well, which could be sold briskly at € 7 to 8 per box of 9. Colored lettuces: limiting of the domestic supplyIn the case of colored lettuces, the domestic season turned into the home stretch, with the inflow decreasing. Instead, ...
Source: Hortidaily
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