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A növénytermesztés jövője miatt aggódnak a német szakszövetségek

A növénytermesztés jövője miatt aggódnak a német szakszövetségek
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Regulation / Agreement
Jul 29, 2020
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Labor-intensive crops such as canola, potatoes, onions, sugar beets and a wide range of fruits and vegetables may be particularly affected. In this way, Germany is even more dependent on food imports, they found. A decline in the role of regionalism would result in longer transport routes, they warn. In addition, the signatories of the resolution are concerned that pests are more likely to develop resistance to plant protection products. Therefore, clear scientific criteria are required for the approval of plant protection products and active substances, wrote the German agricultural news site In their view, no drug should be authorized without revealing all the risks, but they also reject political considerations. According to the associations, the harmonization of approvals needs to be implemented more consistently, especially at European level. This was also the aim of the European Plant Protection Regulation, which entered into force in 2009. According to the ...
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