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Egypt: Regular disbursement of food supplies for the month of April, according to the Giza Chamber of Commerce

Updated Apr 1, 2023
Hisham Al-Degwi, Head of the Foodstuffs Division at the Chamber of Commerce in Giza, said that the supply commodities are being disbursed for the month of April, in parallel with the disbursement of commodities of the subsidized bread points difference from last January, without any crises or shortage of any commodities.
Al-Dijwi added that the disbursement of food supplies for the month of April is carried out through 2,000 grocery stores and 630 association outlets. Al-Dijwi added that the goods are also disbursed through 16 consumer complex branches, and 66 young graduates’ commodities cars. This came during an inspection tour of the supply outlets, with the participation of Hala Gharib, Director of the Directorate of Supply and Internal Trade in Giza Governorate, and supply officials. Food commodities prices for the month of April 2023 1- Packed sugar 1 kg at 10.5 pounds 2- Mixed oil 800 ml at 25 pounds 3- Packed rice 1 kg at 10.50 pounds 4- Pasta 800 gm at 12 pounds 5- Pasta 400 gm at 6 pounds 6- Crushed lentils 500 gm at 12 pounds 7- Canned beans 500 gm at 7.50 pounds 8- Flour packaged in paper or plastic 1 kg at 11 pounds 9- 800 gm of industrial sweets at 30 pounds 10- Soft tea 40 gm at 3.50 pounds 11- Sauce 300 gm at 6 EGP 12- Shredded tuna weighing 140 gm at 12 EGP 13- Jam types 350 gm at ...
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