Global drought reaches 'unprecedented emergency' level

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Published Dec 2, 2023

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A two-year study released at the UN climate change conference in Dubai has highlighted the global emergency of droughts and their devastating impacts. The study found that human-induced droughts have caused more loss of life, economic damage, and social disruption than any other disaster. The report reveals that 1.84 billion people are currently affected by drought, with 4.7 percent facing severe or extreme drought conditions, primarily in low- or middle-income countries.
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Draughts have become an "unprecedented emergency" on a global scale and the massive impacts of human-induced droughts are "only starting to unfold," found a two-year study newly released at the UN climate change conference ongoing in UAE's Dubai. According to the "Global Drought Snapshot" report published by the UN Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) at the outset of COP28 climate talks, the severe drought worldwide has claimed more lives, caused heavier economic loss, and affected more social sectors than any other disaster. Based on data reported by 101 country parties to the UNCCD, 1.84 billion people are drought-stricken, out of which 4.7 percent are exposed to severe or extreme drought, and 85 percent of people affected by droughts living in low- or middle-income countries , the report shows. The impacts are truly global. According to the report, 23 million people in the Horn of Africa were deemed food insecure due to drought by December 2022, 5-percent area of the ...
Source: China
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