Global onion market, which countries increased their imports and exports the most in 2022?

Updated Mar 7, 2023
According to EastFruit analysts, onions remain the most sought-after position in the global vegetable trade, and onion prices in many countries have broken historical records and continue to grow. The phrase "where to buy onions" remains a very popular search term, leading to unconventional sales transactions. Also, many countries have introduced an export ban, which further exacerbated the situation. We wrote about the reasons for this situation many times.
In order not to repeat ourselves, we advise you to read our January onion longread at this link. In conditions of high prices for onion, two categories of countries can buy it first of all: True, it must be recognized that these two categories in the vast majority of cases coincide. Because the liberalization of trade just leads to an increase in the welfare of the country. Since the global onion market has undergone significant changes in 2022, and the years 2023-2024 promise no less shocks for the onion trade, we should already now pay attention to those countries that have increased their imports of onions most dynamically. After all, after 5-6 months, the urgent question “where to buy onions” can turn into an equally urgent question “where to sell onions”? In 2022, Ukraine showed the sharpest onion imports in the top 20 world importers. It should be noted that Ukraine made its debut in this very top 20 in 2022, because the Russian aggressor invaders destroyed the bulk of the ...
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