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Global overview: The tomato market

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Nov 26, 2021
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The Netherlands and Belgium: Energy crisis and virus issues put pressure on tomato growersIn the Dutch and Belgian tomato greenhouses, the lights have been on for a while now. It is time for lit cultivation after an extraordinary season with remarkably high prices since the summer. At the moment, however, the high energy prices are the most striking factor. The season for the unlit crops is over, except for a small group of autumn growers who mainly grow large truss tomatoes; they will produce for a short period around this time. Most growers without lights are now working on their crop rotation and preparing for a new season. For growers who plant a new unlit crop in December in particular, there will be changes due to the energy crisis. It is expected that next spring, there will be peaks and troughs in production at various moments. That was already the case this year, mainly due to virus problems, which caused 'winter prices' in the summer when growers were forced to clear ...
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