Global pea consumption will grow by 11% in 2024

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Published Feb 27, 2024

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Global pea consumption is projected to rise in 2024, driven by its high protein content and versatile use in starch, sports nutrition proteins, and animal feed. Russia is anticipated to increase its pea supplies to foreign markets, including China and India. The International Grains Council predicts an 11% increase in global pea consumption this year, reaching 14.2 million tons, with the majority of consumption happening in the countries of production.
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Experts predict an increase in pea consumption in 2024. Growing demand will allow Russia to increase supplies to foreign markets, including China and India. Pea consumption is growing worldwide due to the high protein content of this crop. Some countries use peas as the main source of protein, others, like China, engage in deep processing, producing starch, proteins for sports nutrition and animal feed, according to a report from the Federal State Budgetary Institution Agroexport, which was reviewed by The International Grains Council forecasts growth in global pea consumption this year at 14.2 million tons, which could be 11% higher than last year, Sergei Pluzhnikov, head of the analytical agency Russian Pulses Analytics, told Agroexport. At the same ...
Source: Agronovosti
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