Good entry of Peruvian table grapes to Japan

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Published Feb 21, 2024

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Peruvian grape exports to Japan have been successful, with 1,820 tons worth approximately US$ 6.5 million entering the market in the last four months of 2023. This is the first time Peruvian grapes have reached the Japanese market, a significant achievement for the 17 Peruvian companies involved. The most popular grape varieties were Allison, Sweet Globe, and Red Globe. Despite initial delays due to temperature record issues, the cold treatment process for the grapes, overseen by SENASA staff, has normalized, with grapes reaching Japan in 26 to 28 days. The Commercial Office of Peru in Japan is gathering feedback on the Peruvian grapes from packing and distribution centers.
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( Expectations were very high on the part of Peruvian exporters and Japanese importers. The management of more than 15 years for the Peruvian grape to enter the Japanese market was worth it and in just the last four months of last year, in its first contact with consumers in Japan, our main export fruit, managed to enter 1820 tons worth approximately US$ 6.5 million. “We have started off on a perfect footing. Around August and September, before the first exports began, there were only four companies that were interested. In the end, we have ended up with a total of 17 companies that have exported Peruvian grapes. Obviously the expectation is very high,” said William Valderrama, Promperú agricultural specialist in Peru's commercial office in Japan. He specified that it is the first time that the Peruvian grape reaches the Japanese market and that this has a very high significance if one considers that we are talking about a country with 125 million inhabitants, which is ...
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