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Good reception of Peruvian agricultural products in Japan

Buena acogida de los productos agrícolas peruanos en Japón
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Dec 5, 2021
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Until September 2021, Japanese imports of agricultural products totaled US $ 14,939 million, 11% more compared to the previous year. Of the total, US $ 82 million in food was purchased from Peru, 14% more than in the previous period. Despite the good reception of agricultural products in the Asian market, Peru fell two places in the ranking and positioned itself as the 28th supplier of food, with 0.6% share. In Japan, the exporters that led the ranking were the United States, with 34% participation (4 percentage points more); China, with 16% (1 percentage point less); and the Philippines, with 5.2% (similar to the previous year). In the Asian market, the main imported Peruvian products were avocados (35% share), mandarins (9%), coffee (8%), and bananas (6%). Each product had a particular dynamic that must be analyzed to understand the results of Peruvian exports in Japan.
PERUVIAN AVOCADO PARTICIPATION GROWS In the analyzed period, avocado imports in Japan reached 59,301 tons for US $ 171 million. Compared to the previous year, the acquisitions of the fruit remained in volume and fell 3% in value. In the Asian market, Peruvian avocado imports totaled 10,220 tons equivalent to US $ 24 million, 23% more in volume and 17% less in value. With this result, Peru positioned itself as the second most important supplier of fruit in the market, with a 17% share (3 percentage points more). The first place in the ranking was occupied by Mexico, with 81% participation (similar to the previous year). In Japan, an average of US $ 2.88 per kilogram of avocado was paid, 4% less than in 2020. The best-priced fruit in the market was the Mexican, with a price of US $ 2.87 per kilogram, 4% less with respect to the year previous. For its part, the Peruvian avocado had an average value of US $ 2.31 per kilogram, 32% less. The most important buyers of Peruvian avocado in ...
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