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Bulgaria: Grain sellers on the exchange lowered offers slightly

Продавачите на зърно на борсата понижиха леко офертите
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Grain & Cereals
Price Trend
Jul 2, 2022
From Sinor
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In the "Grain" sub-district of the "Sofia Stock Exchange" JSC, sellers slightly lowered their offers during the week, but without this leading to transactions
For several weeks, we have witnessed wide amplitudes and two-way price fluctuations in the futures markets, conditioned by the increased influence of the speculative factor against the background of the war in Ukraine. But since a week ago, the forecasts of both the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the US Department of Agriculture did not show negative trends, but on the contrary, expectations for an increase in the volume of world wheat production (it also strongly affected the feed grain) and record harvest data in Russia, downward pressure on prices became decisive. Russia's exports are also record high to Asian countries and Turkey. It also became clear that the heat wave in both Europe and the US will not adversely affect the corn crop and that China is reducing its imports. Thus, the sharp downward correction in the prices of the main grain contracts on the world stock markets is being strengthened this week, despite the difficulties in unblocking ...
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