Greenhouse cucumbers in Ukraine are rapidly becoming cheaper

Published May 18, 2024

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Ukrainian greenhouse plants are selling cucumbers at a 28% lower price compared to last week due to a seasonal surge in supply and low demand. The current price is 57% lower than mid-May 2023, and manufacturers anticipate further price drops if sales rates persist. This price decrease comes after a trend of rising prices for last year's carrots, as reported by The early cherry season in Ukraine has also impacted vegetable prices.
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Today, greenhouse plants of Ukraine sell cucumbers for UAH 20-60 per kg, which is on average 28% cheaper than at the end of last week. This is reported by EastFruit analysts. It is emphasized that the main reason for the downward price trend is the seasonal increase in the supply of these products in conditions of rather low demand. According to market operators, there were several reasons for the current situation: firstly, samples in the combines were stable and in sufficient volumes, due to which the offer on the market increased noticeably; at the same time, the demand for cucumbers significantly worsened compared to last week. "As a result, sellers were forced to revise selling prices downwards in order to activate sales rates and avoid the accumulation of large volumes of unsold products in warehouses," the experts noted. Analysts also noted that greenhouse cucumbers in Ukraine now cost an average of 57% less than in mid-May 2023. At the same time, manufacturers do not rule ...
Source: Agropolit
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