Brazil: Heating costs for farms in Paraná increase by 20%

Updated Sep 29, 2023
Heating costs on farms in Paraná have increased by an average of 20% in the last 12 months, according to a survey by the Department of Rural Economy (Deral) of the Paraná State Department of Agriculture (Seab). The increase is the result of a series of factors, including the reduction in the supply of wood on the domestic market, due to the growth in exports to Europe, and the change in bird strains, which require a longer heating period. According to poultry farmer Carlos Eduardo Maia, from São João do Caiuá, in northern Paraná, the increase in heating costs has negatively impacted the profitability of the activity. “We are buying firewood at a very high price, which is putting a heavy strain on our budget,” says Maia. “In addition, the heating period for farms has increased, which has also contributed to increased costs.” The technician from the Technical and Economic Department (DTE) of the Faep/Senar-PR System, Fábio Mezzadri, explains that the reduction in wood supply on the ...
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