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Vietnam: Farmers in Gia Lai are helpless as thousands of hectares of cassava are infected with leaf mosaic disease

Updated Oct 5, 2022
About 4 years ago, cassava leaf mosaic disease (tapioca) appeared on a large scale, concentrated in cassava growing areas in the eastern and southeastern districts of Gia Lai province, greatly affecting the production areas. Most of the locally grown cassava varieties are infected (KM 419, KM 140, KM 98-5...). Cassava mosaic disease is currently spread mainly through vectors and cuttings.
Another cassava crop is sure to fail This year, the total area of cassava in Gia Lai province is nearly 80,000 hectares, of which more than 6,000 hectares are infected with leaf mosaic disease. Cassava mosaic disease concentrated mainly in Krong Pa district (5,390ha), Ia Pa (125ha), Phu Thien (129ha), Ayun Pa town (200ha) and An Khe town (110ha). Recorded in Krong Pa district, which has the largest cassava area in Gia Lai province, leaf mosaic disease is causing people to worry about the risk of cassava yield reduction, affecting income. Taking us around the family's cassava garden, Mr. Ksor Yim (Ia Rmok commune, Krong Pa district) said that the raging leaf mosaic disease caused the family's cassava yield in this crop to be reduced by at least 30%. . Currently, Mr. Yim's family has 3 hectares of cassava, of which 2 hectares are using old varieties, so most of them suffer from leaf mosaic disease, the remaining 1 hectares are using new varieties, so the tree grows stably. "Around ...
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