Published Jun 17, 2024

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The Ministry of Agriculture is implementing targeted support for Russian agricultural producers, maintaining stable duties on corn and barley exports, gradually reducing wheat export rates. Meanwhile, Ukrainian scientists have detected harmful antibiotics in a fraction of chicken samples, prompting the need for specific measures to address the issue. The Ministry of Agriculture of Ukraine has forecasted grain and oilseed export and production volumes for the 2024-25 agricultural year, amidst expectations of a global sunflower supply decrease, though some countries are projected to see increased harvests.
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The Ministry of Agriculture announced targeted support for Russian agricultural producers this year. They also recalled one non-financial measure of assistance to farmers. Starting next Wednesday, duties on exports of corn and barley from Russia will again remain unchanged. Wheat rates will begin to decline after rising briefly. VGNKI scientists found dangerous antibiotics in almost 3% of the chicken samples studied. They told how to deal with these dangerous substances. The Ministry of Agriculture of Ukraine predicted the volumes of export and ...
Source: Rosng
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