EU: Historically low Dutch apple stock

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Published Apr 6, 2024

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As of March 1, the European stock of apples has been reported at 2,570,837 tons, experiencing notable reductions in specific varieties such as Elstar (42.6% lower), Jonagored (20.6% lower), and Jonagold (11.5% lower) compared to the previous year. Italy and Poland are leading in apple stocks with 840,853 and 706,000 tons respectively, while the Netherlands sees a significant decrease of over 26% from the previous year, reaching its lowest stock since 2007 at 67,244 tons. Additionally, the European pear stock stands at 318,276 tons, with the Netherlands and Belgium holding substantial portions of this stock.
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The European stock of apples was 2,570,837 tons on March 1. On March 1, Elstar stock in Europe was 42.6% lower than last year, at Jonagored the stock was 20.6% lower and at Jonagold it was 11.5% lower. Italy and Poland still have the largest apple stocks with 840,853 and 706,000 tons respectively. The Dutch stock on March 1 amounted to 67,244 tons. That is more than 26% less than on this date in 2023. In addition, this is the lowest stock on March 1 since 2007. The European pear stock ...
Source: Agri Holland
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