Hot and dry weather negatively impacting safrinha corn in Parana, Brazil

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Published Apr 15, 2024

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In Parana, southern Brazil, the safrinha corn's condition has deteriorated significantly in the last two weeks due to hot and dry weather, with the Department of Rural Economics (Deral) noting an increase in the crop rated as poor from 2% to 8%. This comes at a critical time as a large portion of the crop is in stages requiring high water usage, such as vegetative development, pollination, and grain filling. Initially, Deral had projected the safrinha corn production at 14.2 million tons, but this estimate is likely to be reduced in their next assessment. However, there is hope as rain is forecasted for later in the week, which could provide relief, particularly in northwestern and western Parana, a key region for safrinha corn production in Brazil.
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The condition of the safrinha corn in the state of Parana in southern Brazil has declined significantly over the last two weeks due to hot and dry conditions. According to the Department of Rural Economics (Deal), the percentage of the crop rated poor is now 8%, which is up from 2% last week. The percentage of the crop rated average is 20% compared to 17% last week and the percentage of the crop rated good is 72% compared to 81% last week. The safrinha corn is 42% in vegetative development, 31% pollinating, 26% filling grain, and 1% maturing, so the crop is reaching its maximum water demand. At the end of March, Deral estimated the safrinha corn production in Parana at 14.2 million tons, but that is expected to be revised downward at the end of April. The forecast is calling for chances of showers later this week and the areas that need moisture the most are northwestern and western Parana. If the forecast verifies, it would be very welcome news for the safrinha corn in Parana and ...
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