How have Ecuadorian banana exports been?

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Published Apr 23, 2024

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Between January and March 2024, Ecuador experienced a slight recovery in banana exports, shipping 99.47 million boxes, primarily due to reduced production in Central America and Colombia caused by climatic factors. Despite a decrease in productivity, with the number of boxes per bunch dropping from 1.5 to 1.2, Ecuador managed to increase its exports, especially to the United States and Europe, as a result of the decreased competition. Europe emerged as the leading destination for these exports, followed by Russia and the Middle East. The report also addresses challenges such as increased shipping costs and a decline in purchases from the European Union due to a rise in the Minimum Support Price. The main exporters were identified as UBESA (DOLE), REYBANPAC, NOBOA TRADING CO., and FRUTADELI S.A. Additionally, the packaging industry, as outlined by Salazar, is expected to see a rise in demand in the coming months, particularly April and May, which is anticipated to boost production and exports further, with market conditions remaining relatively stable.
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The banana marketing and export association (ACORBANEC) reported that, between January and March 2024, Ecuador exported 99.47 million boxes of bananas, which represents a slight recovery in fruit shipments during the first quarter of the year. A reduction in banana production in Central America and Colombia, due to climatic factors, generated a slight increase for Ecuadorian bananas. In this regard, the executive director of ACORBANEC, Ricard Salazar, commented that the climate has been quite volatile: “in January we had a decrease of -12%, in the accumulated from January to February of -3.52%, but from January to March -0.40%. That is to say, we are growing in production, what is happening is that the excess of water at the beginning of the year and the high temperatures have affected the normal development of the plantations.” Salazar added that although the infundes were projected to be high, the climate factor has affected productivity; Before, on average they obtained 1.5 ...
Source: MXfruit
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