How much do rapeseed and wheat cost in southwestern Poland?

Published May 15, 2024

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Drought conditions in Poland are likely to accelerate the harvest, particularly in the Lower Silesia and Opole regions, with some crops expected to be harvested as early as late June. However, the drought is also posing a risk to the moisture buffer for winter crops. Meanwhile, prices for cereals and rapeseed are varied, with rapeseed prices showing a slight upward trend towards PLN 2,000/t. In contrast, cereals are experiencing lower prices and expectations are high for these to increase due to the drought conditions in Poland and Western Europe, which are expected to reduce yields and potentially decrease cereal supplies in the Old Continent.
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Will drought also speed up the harvest? There is a high probability that the harvest will begin in Poland first in Lower Silesia and the Opole region. Some of the rapeseed will be mowed, perhaps already in the second half of June. The same applies to early wheat and barley. Weather conditions will ultimately determine whether this happens, but there is a chance that the harvest will actually start record-breakingly soon. Unfortunately, this may also be caused by drought, which is constantly spreading throughout the country. In south-western Poland, the bad situation concerns weaker sites, and it is far from ideal on stronger soils, where the moisture buffer for winter crops, which currently have a high demand for water, is running out. What are the prices of cereals and rapeseed? Companies are usually able to pay PLN 760-800/t for consumption wheat. Rarely, higher offers are found, around PLN 850/t. There are also prices below PLN 700/t for consumption, but unofficially this ...
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