France: How much does egg sexing really cost?

Updated Sep 26, 2023
FranceAgriMer is carrying out a study to evaluate the real cost of egg sexing in laying hen hatcheries, with a view to recalibrating the inter-professional agreement on the financing of this operation, indicated the CNPO (inter-professional egg industry) on 21 september. As part of this agreement announced in November 2022 and extended in December, hatcheries receive €1.11 per pullet (cost of sexing assessed at the end of 2022 by Itavi). A sum paid by the CNPO from a contribution paid by distributors to the packaging centers, and transferred to the inter-professional organization. The level of this contribution is €59 per 100 eggs sold. However, “it would take €64 cents” to balance the system, notes Vincent Baumier, administrator of the CNPO, but “this level will not change”. “The ministry wants to reassess the cost downwards,” explains the man who is also director of Lohmann France. The five laying hen hatcheries must therefore transmit their actual egg sexing costs for the first ...
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