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How much grain Spain has imported from Ukraine through the corridor

Updated Mar 22, 2023
The safe corridor agreed between Russia and Ukraine for the export of grain and other food from Ukraine has allowed this country to export 24.7 Mt, according to UN data, since the opening of the corridor at the end of July until March 15, 2023.
Spain has imported 17.5% of this total, which represents 4.3 Mt, of which almost half have been corn and 38% wheat, that is, 87% of imports have been these two cereals , as can be seen in the attached graph, drawn up by Toño Catón, Director of Herbaceous Crops of Cooperativas Agroalimentarias de España. Spain is the second country that has bought the most grain from Ukraine, behind China. Spain has been the destination of 17% of Ukrainian imports. The third client has been Turkey. It should not be forgotten that the Turkish president mediated together with the UN to reach an agreement on the corridor last summer. Between the three countries they have bought half of all Ukrainian exports. What has Ukraine exported? Ukrainian ...
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