Brazil: Bean sector meets with MAPA to discuss production incentives

Black Bean
Dried Common Bean
Published Mar 10, 2023

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A week with demand greater than supply put pressure on Carioca bean prices. There were buyers yesterday who were still looking for Carioca beans grade 9 willing to pay the R$ 440, but producers who even received a firm buyer offer for R$ 450 preferred to wait. The black bean crashed for good. Few lots are still in the hands of producers and very few lots are for sale. With the price of carioca where it arrived, it ended up strengthening the producers' certainty that it is better to wait. In the afternoon, a batch of black beans was sold for R$430 by a cereal producer in Mato Grosso. Several entities met online yesterday to establish an agreement on which suggestion can be given to the Ministry of Agriculture that will encourage production. Difficult equation. The basis ends up being to deliver more competitive beans to the producer, with better productivity than the current one. For this, the time has come to create conditions for private investment. Soy, corn, cotton and coffee ...
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