Ibrafe: CONAB report shows more Beans in crops

Packaged Legumes, Beans & Peas
Market & Price Trends
Published Apr 12, 2024

Tridge summary

The market saw an uptick in trading activity yesterday, with prices holding steady despite certain regions like the north of Rio Grande do Sul and Campos Gerais in Paraná experiencing a lack of demand, which could have potentially tripled their sales volume. This scenario reflects the diverse market dynamics across Brazil's vast territory. Currently, packers are maintaining low inventory levels, anticipating that the upcoming second harvest will help stabilize the market and prices. Consequently, purchases are being made to meet immediate needs, suggesting a cautious approach in the face of uncertain demand.
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Original content

The market yesterday saw more trades, according to source reports, and prices remained stable. However, some producing regions reported not receiving demand. This was the case in the north of Rio Grande do Sul and also in the Campos Gerais region in Paraná. If they had received three times the current volume, they would have sold everything. In a country the size of Brazil, this happens quite frequently. Packers have low stocks, waiting for ...
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