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Brazil: If you have thought about using sugarcane silage on your farm

Si ha pensado usar el ensilaje de caña de azúcar en su finca, lea esta información
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Apr 28, 2022
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This species has the advantage that it generates greater availability in periods of scarcity of forage in pastures, in addition to allowing greater economic performance compared to other forages. According to research in Brazil carried out by Evandro Gonçalves da Rocha, Caroline Olias, Aline Vanessa Sauer, Fabio José Busnello, Gean Lopes da Luz, Cristiano Reschke Lajús, sugarcane silage in dairy cattle feeding can be a good alternative in the diet, adding some fertilizers. (Read: Know the occurrence and effects of mycotoxins in silage) The study states that, in livestock production systems, especially in the most intensive ones, feed is decisive in productive efficiency, and can represent 75% of the total cost. Therefore, to obtain positive responses, it is necessary to explore foods that have low production costs and that satisfy most of the nutritional requirements of animals. There are different quality options such as corn silage, sorghum, hay, chopped sugar cane, which help ...
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