Implementation of planting operations in 25 thousand hectares of pomegranate orchards in Iran

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Published Oct 29, 2023

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Iran has around 91,000 hectares of pomegranate crops, producing about 1.2 million tons of crops annually. Although Iran is the third largest producer of pomegranates in the world, it ranks first in terms of per capita production. The country is known for its organic pomegranates, and the government has plans to reform and replant 25,000 hectares of pomegranate orchards to improve productivity and adapt to climate change.
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He mentioned the distribution of pomegranate orchards in Iran and said: There are commercial pomegranate orchards in almost all provinces of the country, except for Hamedan province, and this garden product is produced and sent to domestic and foreign markets. Stating that Iran is the third producer of pomegranate in the world, he said: Pomegranate product is native to Iran and in fact other countries know pomegranate by the name of Iran. The countries of India with about three million tons of production and China with one million and 600 thousand tons have higher ranks in terms of production compared to Iran, but the per capita production in Iran with one million and 200 thousand tons is more than other countries and in this respect it ranks first. has taken over the world. This official in the Ministry of Jihad and Agriculture stated that Iran is the origin of pomegranate in the world and said: Iran has the richest sources of pomegranate genetic resources in the world and more ...
Source: Isna
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