Netherlands: Import ban on calves is unrealistic and unqualified

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Published Dec 2, 2023

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Current regulations on the transport of live animals, including calves, are determined at the European level and cannot be restricted by individual EU member states. The Netherlands, however, is exploring ways to reduce calf imports and increase the minimum age for transport. While some argue that a complete import ban may have negative consequences for the Dutch veal sector and dairy farming, others believe that additional legislation and regulations on long-distance transport or animal health are more realistic solutions.
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A phone call to the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality makes a lot clear. Regulations on the transport of live animals are a European matter. Import bans are not possible due to EU legislation on free movement. An EU member state cannot simply restrict this on its own. The motion adopted in September by former Member of Parliament Leonie Vestering (Party for the Animals) on a ban on the import of calves can therefore be ignored by outgoing Agriculture Minister Piet Adema. This does not alter the fact that Adema also believes that the Netherlands has a 'huge import' of calves. And that this must be better balanced with the size of Dutch cattle farming. He wants to work with the sector to see how imports can be reduced. In addition, Adema is committed to arranging a ban on long-distance transport of unweaned animals at a European level. This involves transport of more than eight hours. The European Commission's proposal for the revision of the transport regulation is ...
Source: Nieuwe Oogst
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