Imports of Ukrainian sugar to the EU multiplied by 35, the French ask that they be re-exported outside

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Published Dec 5, 2023

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French beet growers are concerned about the potential increase in imports of Ukrainian sugar, which could multiply by 35 in just two years. The French Confederation of Beet Growers is calling for measures to redirect these imports to third countries and establish European regulatory tools to prevent a crisis similar to the one in 2018. Despite a decrease in the cultivated area of beet, the beet growers have had a successful campaign, receiving a good price for their product and generating high profitability. The sugar factories in France are expected to transform a significant amount of beet into sugar and alcohol products.
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French beet growers consider that the price of sugar has so far evolved well because there is a supply deficit of 2 Mt. However, they see a threat that can change the price trend: imports of Ukrainian sugar can multiply by 35 in as little as only two years. Compared to 20,000 tons imported in 2022, by 2024 it is estimated that they could reach 700,000 tons. The French Confederation of Beet Growers (CGB) calls for this sugar to be redirected to third countries and for European regulatory tools to be established (minimum intervention price) to avoid crises like the one in 2018. The Confederation estimates that it has been a very good campaign, in which the 23,700 beet growers remaining in France have received a price of €55/t of standard beet, generating a profitability of more than €1,000/ha, which is better than cereal or corn. The average yield has been 83 t of typical beets per hectare, in line with the average yields of recent years. ...
Source: Agrodigital
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