In 2023, Russia reached a record for cheese consumption

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Published Apr 16, 2024

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In a significant development for Russia's dairy industry, cheese consumption in the country has hit a new record, surpassing the million-ton mark for the first time in its modern history. This milestone, as highlighted by Maria Zhebit of the National Union of Milk Producers (Soyuzmoloko), represents a 16% increase over the previous year and a 56% increase over the last five years. The growth in cheese consumption is largely attributed to the exit of non-CIS country suppliers from the Russian market following the sanctions imposed in 2014. Additionally, the cheese sector has seen investments exceeding 101 billion rubles since 2012, alongside a trend of market consolidation. The industry views the production of cheese and the development of whey production as areas ripe for further growth.
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Over the past year, cheese consumption in Russia reached a record in the modern history of the country, breaking the million-ton mark. As Agroexpert reports, such data was provided by the Deputy General Director of the National Union of Milk Producers (Soyuzmoloko) Maria Zhebit. She named January in particular as one of the successful months in this regard. According to her, then the figure was 16 percent higher than in the same month last year. The expert also said that in general over the past five years it has increased by 56 percent, and on average by 11 percent per year. Thus, this product remains one of the fastest growing in the country among other types of dairy products. Zhebit also noted an increase in investment in this segment. For example, according to its data, since 2012 they have already amounted to over 101 billion rubles. She named the consolidation of players in the cheese market as another important point, and expects this trend to continue in the coming years. ...
Source: Rosng
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