In 2024, Ukraine plans to sow the same amount of grain, but its quality is declining

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Published Feb 12, 2024

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Ukraine's Minister of Agriculture, Mykola Solskyi, anticipates that the sown area for spring 2024 will be similar to the previous year, with a potential slight decrease in the worst-case scenario. This comes as Ukraine, a significant global grain and oilseeds producer, experiences a drop in harvests due to the Russian invasion, disrupting global grain supplies and driving up prices. In 2023, Ukrainian farmers sowed 12.75 million hectares of spring crops, including cereals, corn, sunflowers, and soybeans. Solskyi also raised concerns about the deteriorating quality of seeds.
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Ukraine expects that the sown area in the spring of 2024 will be the same as last year, although in the worst case scenario it may decrease slightly. This was stated by the Minister of Agriculture of Ukraine Mykola Solskyi, writes Reuters. Ukraine is a major global producer of grain and oilseeds, but its harvests have declined since the Russian Federation invaded and occupied large swathes of territory. The war, now in its 24th month, has driven up global grain prices and disrupted supplies, particularly to poorer countries. In total, Ukrainian farmers sowed 12.75 million hectares of spring crops for the 2023 harvest, including 5.7 million hectares of cereals. Sown areas were 4 million hectares of corn, 5.3 million hectares of sunflowers and 1.78 million hectares of soybeans. I don't expect any drastic changes in terms of acreage. If the sown areas are smaller, it will be a very small decrease. There will definitely be no increase in the total sown area. I recognize its reduction, ...
Source: Agropolit
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