In February, Ukraine increased the export of agricultural products by 3.4% to 8 million tons

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Published Mar 2, 2024

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In February 2024, Ukraine saw a 3.4% increase in agricultural exports to 8 million tons, despite some products not crossing the border due to departure queues. The export of main agricultural products decreased, with oil crops experiencing the most significant drop of 22%. The situation was worsened by Polish strikers blocking the border, causing reduced exports and financial losses for Ukrainian farmers. This is particularly concerning as the timely receipt of funds from these sales is critical for farmers in preparation for the spring sowing campaign.
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In February 2024, Ukraine increased exports of agricultural products by 3.4% compared to January to 8 million tons, but not all products physically crossed the border during the specified period, and part of the transport is in the queue for departure. In terms of crops, the export volume changed as follows: That is, the export of the main types of agricultural products decreased, with the exception of grain crops. The export of oil crops fell the most (by 22%), which is due to the reduction of available volumes for export, especially rapeseed. Export figures would have been much better if the Polish strikers had not blocked the border. Queues at the border lead to a reduction in exports and additional losses for Ukrainian ...
Source: Graintrade
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