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In Kilis of Turkey, hot pepper is sold for 6 TL in the field and 15 TL in the market

Kilis’te acı biber tarlada 6 TL, markette 15 TL’den satılıyor
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Jun 29, 2022
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Hot pepper harvest has started in Kilis. Pepper, which is sold for 6 TL in the field, is sold for 15 TL in the markets. Hot pepper harvest has started in Kilis, which ranks 2nd in pepper production in Turkey. The producers, who earn the reward of their labor by harvesting hot peppers, started to work in the town of Elbeyli, which is located at the zero point on the Syrian border. Work began in the fields from the early hours of the morning to harvest the first harvest from the pepper seedlings planted 45 days ago.
Pepper, which has gone through intensive processes such as fertilizing and hoeing, is indispensable on the tables in hot and sweet forms, while hot and sweet peppers prepared as tomato paste and dried are brought to the table after some processes. HARVEST STARTED AT THE SYRIAN BORDER Güven Özdemir, Kilis Representative of the Chamber of Agricultural Engineers, stated that the pepper harvest has started at the border point to Syria and said, “Pepper production is carried out in approximately 45 thousand decares of land in our province. 20 thousand decares of this are produced as dried, 25 thousand decares for tomato paste and stuffed vegetables. This year our farmers have suffered from hail and disaster. Despite all the ...
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