In Muş, one of the important animal husbandry centers of Turkey, Kurban Bay

Published Jun 16, 2024

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In Muş, Turkey, animal markets have seen increased activity as the festive season of Eid al-Adha approaches. Livestock breeders are bringing their animals to market in hopes of making good sales, while buyers are expressing concerns over the rising prices compared to the previous year. Despite the challenges, negotiations are underway to reach a mutually beneficial agreement. Yusuf Bakır, a breeder, shared his experience, mentioning that the market is currently sluggish due to high prices and that he has managed to sell four animals so far.
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In Muş, one of Turkey's important livestock centers, activity increased in the animal market before Eid al-Adha. One day before Eid al-Adha, there is great activity in the animal market in Muş. Livestock breeders, who earn their living from animal husbandry in the city, started to bring their carefully raised sacrificial animals to the market from the early hours of the morning. Breeders, who compete with each other to sell their animals, negotiate hard with buyers. While breeders from various villages of Muş aim to sell their animals, which they raise with great effort throughout the year, at the best prices, buyers complain about the high prices. Citizens who come to the market to buy sacrificial animals state that the prices have increased compared to last year. While sellers resisted to get the value of their animals, buyers were in a rush to find sacrificial animals that fit their budget. In the market, intermediaries find a middle ground that will satisfy both parties. Yusuf ...
Source: Kamu3
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