In the EU, inspections of Ukrainian grain are being strengthened due to farmers' protests

Published Mar 3, 2024

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In response to protests from farmers who claim to be negatively affected by the EU's decision to aid Ukraine in delivering its grain to the market amidst the Russian war, the European Union is set to increase inspections of transporters. The EU had opened 'roads of solidarity', waived customs duties, and introduced other measures, leading to disruptions at borders, ports, and roads. The increased inspections aim to ensure compliance with rules for exporting grain from Ukraine through EU territory.
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The European Union will strengthen inspections of transporters to make sure that they comply with the agreements regarding the rules for exporting grain from Ukraine through the territory of the EU. Reuters writes about it. This is how Europe is trying to solve the problem of protesting farmers. The farmers are protesting over a range of grievances, including what they call unfair competition from Ukraine. Many farmers, especially in Ukraine's neighboring countries, claim that they have been hurt by the EU's decision to open "roads of solidarity", to waive customs duties and to introduce other measures to help Ukraine deliver its grain to the market in the face of the unleashed Russian full-scale war In Poland, farmers began nationwide protests in February, blocking the border with Ukraine and disrupting ports and roads. Closing borders is never a good idea, especially with a neighbor who so desperately needs a connection. As long as the deals are executed correctly, there ...
Source: Agropolit
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