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Egypt: In the infographic, the activity of the directorates of agriculture and veterinary medicine in a week

Updated Nov 2, 2021
The weekly infographic of the Ministry of Agriculture indicated that the Directorate of Veterinary Medicine in Giza Governorate is represented by slaughterhouse doctors and meat inspection. Campaigns were launched on shops and markets to deter violators, as 736 kilograms of meat and its products and fish unfit for human consumption and slaughter outside slaughterhouses were seized, and 9 records of violations were issued. 5,955 cattle were vaccinated against lumpy skin, smallpox and plague, as well as 15,356 cattle against foot and mouth disease. The Directorate of Agriculture in Qalyubia inaugurated the activities of the 33rd session for pesticide applicators, as well as the implementation of an indicative symposium to raise awareness of the importance of switching to modern irrigation systems, and visiting one of the models In addition, a visit to the Al-Zohour estate in Qanater Al-Khairia, which is the source of flowers in Egypt and export abroad. The Directorate of Veterinary ...
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