Mexico: In these six years, 25% of the dairy farmers in Jalisco disappeared

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Published Jan 25, 2024

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María del Refugio Camarena, a legislator, has revealed that a quarter of Jalisco's milk producers have vanished in the past six years due to neglect by the Federal Government, rising operating costs, and the importation of powdered milk. She has suggested that Liconsa, a state-owned company, should purchase more milk from local producers at a fixed price of $10.6 per liter. She also pointed out that the annual influx of 340,000 tons of foreign milk powder, primarily from the US, is disadvantaging local producers. Camarena warned that the current 30% milk production deficit could increase if the situation persists, leading to higher operating costs and consumer prices.
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Legislator María del Refugio Camarena asserted that in the last six-year term, at least 25% of Jalisco's milk producers have disappeared, mainly in the Los Altos region, leaving the state with up to 16,000 union members, of which 55% operate at small scale. This derives from factors such as abandonment by the Federal Government, the increase in operating costs and the importation of powdered milk, which together translate into a negative impact for local farmers. For this reason, he presented a point of agreement before the Permanent Commission in the Chamber of Deputies, so that Liconsa buys more milk from the producers in said area, and also pays them with the established guarantee price of $10.6 per liter. And according to their statements, the parastatal is not acquiring dairy from small and medium-sized businesses, even when Mexican Food Security (Segalmex) assures that this year powdered milk will not be imported, since in 2023 the supply increased almost 65%. YOU MAY BE ...
Source: Ganaderia
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