In Ukraine, beekeepers are betting on sunflowers

Published May 27, 2024

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Ukrainian beekeepers are facing difficulty in forecasting this year's honey harvest due to unpredictable weather conditions. They rely on various flowers such as linden, rapeseed, and sunflower for honey production. Mykola Prikhodko, a beekeeper from the Sumy region, reported a good harvest last year with 8-9 tons of honey from sunflower and rapeseed. He emphasized that the season's prospects depend on the sowing of honey crops and the weather conditions during the flowering periods. Prikhodko has been keeping bees for 19 years, which started as a hobby with one hive and has grown to 250 hives. He emphasized the importance of registration for beekeepers to receive field processing messages. He also shared that he has not experienced any bee poisoning incidents.
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Due to the unstable weather, Ukrainian beekeepers are not hired to forecast the honey harvest this year, AgroPortal reported. If there is rain, they rely on the linden, but in general and regardless of the region, beekeepers in Ukraine rely on sunflower, said the beekeeper from the Sumy region Mykola Prikhodko. "Last year, rapeseed and sunflower gave a good result, I harvested 8-9 tons of honey, not including retail supplies. I do not sell unripe honey. In any case, I get 2 times from the sunflower, and then everything depends on what else is available. A linden has bloomed - I harvest, rapeseed has been sown or it has come across grasses - I harvest. Everything is obtained according to varieties, on average 3 times", concluded Prikhodko. According to him, the prospects for the season will depend on several factors - how many honey crops will be sown and what the weather conditions will be during the flowering periods. In his 32 years, he has 19 years of experience in beekeeping. ...
Source: Sinor
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