In Ukraine, the quality of hazelnuts is low due to improper storage

Published Oct 17, 2023

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Improper storage and drying practices in Ukraine lead to the presence of aflatoxins in hazelnuts within a few months. This results in a decrease in the price of hazelnuts sold on the international market. Many Ukrainian farmers have low-quality hazelnuts due to their inadequate drying and storage methods, causing a loss in profits for companies that sell them.
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With improper storage of hazelnuts, which is very common in Ukraine, toxic substances - aflatoxins - appear in it for two to three months. Maksym Sheyko, the founder of the Filbert company (Odesa), told about this in an interview with the magazine "Gardening in Ukrainian". Improper drying causes the kernel to separate from the shell and become very brittle, he added. In this form, hazelnuts cannot be sold on the world market - they will fall in price a lot. When the Filbert processing company began to lack their own hazelnuts, they began to look for them from other producers in Ukraine. It turned out that most farmers have low-quality hazelnuts. "Many people collect it and dry it literally on a tarpaulin or on concrete, assessing the degree of its dryness by eye, or rather by touch," explained Sheiko. - Then they packed it in bags so that the moth would not be damaged and put it in the warehouse. With such a relationship, after some time, the hazelnuts begin to ripen. Moisture ...
Source: Agrotimes
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