Indian government starts selling storage onions for €0.27 per kg

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Published Nov 8, 2023

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The Indian government is taking aggressive measures to protect consumers from rising onion prices by marketing storage onions at a subsidized price of ₹ 0.27 per kg. This is in addition to other measures such as imposing a minimum export price, increasing buffer purchases, and selling onions through various channels. So far, the government's efforts have resulted in a 24% decrease in onion prices in the market.
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The Indian government has started aggressive marketing of storage onions at a subsidized price of ₹ 0.27 per kg to protect consumers from the recent rise in onion prices due to the delayed arrival of the kharif crop. This measure is in addition to the series of measures taken to ensure the availability and affordability of onions for domestic consumers. Measures such as imposing a minimum export price of €744 per tonne with effect from October 29, 2023, an increase in buffer purchase by 200,000 tonnes on top of the 506,000 tonnes already purchased and the continued sale of onions through retail, e-Nam auction and bulk sales at wholesale markets since the second week of August. The Ministry of Consumer Affairs has started aggressive sale of onions through retailers and mobile vans of NCCF, NAFED, Kendriya Bhandar and other state cooperatives at a subsidized price of ₹0.27 per kg. Till November 2, NAFED has set up 329 retail outlets, comprising fixed outlets and mobile vans, in 55 ...
Source: AGF
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