INEI: Agricultural production grew 23.69% in April 2024

Published Jun 21, 2024

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In April 2024, the agricultural sector experienced a significant boost, with national production increasing by 23.69%. This growth is largely due to the agricultural subsector's positive performance, which saw a 36.01% increase, according to the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (INEI). The rise is linked to an expansion in planted areas and favorable weather conditions for seven crops, contributing to Substantial increases in the production of grain barley, quinoa, dried grain beans, paprika, potato, alfalfa, and paddy rice. These crops accounted for half of the month's total growth. Furthermore, the livestock subsector also saw growth, with a 0.90% increase, primarily due to higher production volumes of pork, beef, poultry, and alpaca.
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In April 2024, national production in the agricultural sector increased by 23.69% due to the positive result of the agricultural subsector (36.01%). This increase is attributed to the greater planted area and the favorable climatic conditions for the development of seven crops, as reported by the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (INEI) in the technical report “National Production.” According to figures from the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation (Midagri), in the agricultural subsector, the production of grain barley (1069.2%), quinoa (816.5%), dried grain bean (165.1%), paprika (126.0%), potato (73.2%), alfalfa (25.7%) and paddy rice (5.2%), which together explain 50% of the month's result. Additionally, an extraordinary ...
Source: AgroPeru
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