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Australia: Input prices, supply chains drive food-security discussions

Updated Mar 27, 2023
GRAIN Producers Australia believes reducing input prices and increasing the efficiency of supply chains will strengthen and safeguard food security into the future. GPA chief executive Colin Bettles and Mungindi grower and GPA deputy chair and northern region director Andrew Earle addressed the House Standing Committee on Agriculture’s Inquiry into food security in Australia on Friday.
Mr Bettles said while Australia produced a record crop last year, it was also the “most expensive crop we have ever planted”. He said the rising price of inputs, such as fuel, fertiliser and chemicals, has been top of mind for growers, but was often forgotten by the public when they see increasing prices for baked goods. “These inputs have also reached record levels,” Mr Bettles said. “GPA’s post-harvest survey showed input prices are now a major challenge for our members. “More than 80 percent of respondents said last year’s cropping production costs were significantly higher compared with previous years, while about 15pc said these costs were moderately higher. Mr Bettles said one element to reduce these costs was for the government to promote and invest in the local manufacturing of fertilisers such as urea. One committee member questioned whether the potentially higher cost of a locally manufactured product would be prohibitive for many growers, which many have access to ...
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