International exhibition Russia: The domestic market is provided with fish products, the task is to increase its consumption

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Published Feb 12, 2024

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Russia's fish catch in 2023 reached a post-Soviet record of over 5.3 million tons, largely due to the growth in aquaculture, which has seen commercial production double over the past decade. Despite the abundant supply, the consumption of fish products could be higher, a challenge that the Russian President has highlighted. To address this, the state is implementing support measures such as subsidizing rail transportation from the Far East and tripling the national quota for capelin catch in the Barents Sea. There is also a call for increased cooperation between fishermen and traders to boost sales.
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Russia is one of the leaders in wild fish production. In 2023, the total catch exceeded 5.3 million tons - a record for the entire post-Soviet history. At the same time, aquaculture plays an important role in increasing the growth of fishery production. “Consistent with the principles of sustainable fishing and the priority of preserving stocks for future generations, we do not want and will not exploit resources to the maximum. It is possible to increase the production of fish products through aquaculture. There are all the prerequisites for this. Over the past few years, a number of fundamental decisions have been made, for example, measures of state support for the agricultural sector have been extended to aquaculture,” emphasized Vasily Sokolov. In 2014, the law on aquaculture came into force, and after the introduction of counter-sanctions, active import substitution began. These factors gave impetus to the development of domestic fish farming: both fish and valuable seafood. ...
Source: Fishretail
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